The Black Warrior

In 2012 Reagan traveled down to Honduras to visit the Rocky Patel Factory. While he was there he learned all about the tobaccos, growing, and blending. During the trip Reagan had the factory make him a cigar of tobaccos that he picked out that he liked. He chose a Sumatra Oscuro wrapper, with 2 leaves of ligero from Honduras and Nicaragua, with viso from Nicaragua. The cigar smoked great. He asked them to make him a second one to make sure it wasn't a fluke. He smoked that one and it was just as good. They made some more of them and aged them to smoke later. In 2013 Reagan smoked the cigar again and decided to make his own line of cigars. Later that year Reagan released the Black Warrior Cigar.

The Black Warrior pays homage to the city of Tuscaloosa. Chief Tuskaloosa was a paramount chief of a Mississippian chiefdom in what is now the U.S. state of Alabama. His people were possibly ancestors to the several southern Native American confederacies (the Choctaw and Creek peoples) who later emerged in the region. The modern city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, is named for him. They said that Chief Tuskaloosa stood a foot taller than all the Spaniards. Chief Tuskaloosa's name means Black Warrior. Black Warrior Cigars were released in October 2013 on Reagan's birthday. The Black Warrior comes in two sizes, Robusto (5.5×50) and a Box Press Torpedo (6.5×52). The Torpedo is box pressed and called the Reagan, since it is his favorite cigar. It would eventually go on to be rated a 91 on Cigar Coop, and has become a local favorite.