Our Humidor

R & R Cigars is proud to have one of the most diverse humidors in the United States, with over 1000 different cigars to choose from. R&R Cigars is a Rocky Patel Partner lounge and boasts an incredible Rocky Patel Cigars selection. The cornerstones of any Cigar shops humidor can all be found at R&R. Brands like Fuente, Padron, Perdomo, Alec Bradley, My Father, Eiroa, La Flor Dominicana are easily findable at R&R. Hard to find cigars and boutiques are a specialty of R&R Cigars. Cigars like the Opus X, Lost City, Fuente Anejos, God of Fire can always be found at R&R. Boutique brands like Tabernacle, High Clere Castle, Fable, Guaimaro, Powstanie, Illusione, Caldwell, Room 101, Warped, Kristoff, Espinosa, Atabey, Byron, La Sirena, La Palina, Hammer and Sickle, Viaje, Tatuaje, Leaf by Oscar are all mainstays in R&R Cigars humidor.

R&R Cigars regularly features events with Manufacturers. In Fall of 2019 R&R Cigars will have one of the most outrageous series of events that you will find in a Cigar Shop with Nish Patel, Nick Perdomo, Robert Caldwell (Caldwell Cigars), Bill Paley (La Palina), Tony Gomez (La Flor Dominicana), Sean Williams (Cohiba), and others in between. R&R Cigars has always been an industry leader with named manufacturer events. R&R Cigars hosted the first Ladies of the Leaf event in 2014 with Cynthia Fuente and her children, Liana Fuente, Berta Bravo, and Arielle Ditkowich. R&R has hosted Gary Sheffield for his cigar the HR500. Nish Patel did the National Launch of Bold by Nish Patel at R&R Cigars. R&R also did the national launch of Sean Williams 10th anniversary and Hermandad. Rocky Patel, Nish Patel, Nimish, Nick Perdomo, Robert Caldwell, Nick Melillo, Litto Gomez, Jonathan Drew, Bill Paley, Sean Williams, Alec Rubin, Mike Szczepankiewicz, Jason Wood, and many others are all featured in the R&R Cigars events hall of fame.