Our Bar

R&R Cigars is a full bar. After we had been opened for a year, we were informed by the City of Tuscaloosa that our policy of allowing people to bring in their own outside alcohol was actually against city ordinances. In November of 2014 R&R Cigars opened its bar. We quickly grew to one of the most different and unique selections in the state of Alabama. Reagan made it a major focus to ensure that R&R was one of the most elite bars in the state. Alabama being a control state for alcohol made that a major challenge. Despite the obstacles, R&R has over 80 different beers to choose from, 150 liquor selections, and a fantastic wine selection. R&R has always strived to provide the best service possible, so we decided when we opened our bar that we would do table service as opposed to bar service. All drinks are prepared and brought to you at your seat, ensuring that our service to you is always the best in the business.